How you can Put together Your Digital Life for Your Loss of life

Ensuring your loved ones have access to your financial information is important, but what about social media? Preserving profiles may seem trivial, but our lives are increasingly lived online, so these accounts are the 2019 version of physical photo albums, letters, and other keepsakes.

Facebook lets you select a legacy contact who will memorialize your account and keep a pared-down version of your profile active after your death (not before, hopefully). A memorialized account will show a banner on your profile indicating that you’re deceased, remove your account from public search results, and turn off birthday reminders. Friends will still be able to post messages on your timeline, if privacy settings allow it.

To set up your legacy contact, head to your Settings page, and click Edit under Manage Account. In the box that appears, type the name of the person you want to be your legacy contact and click Add.

Note: This will need to be someone you’re already friends with on Facebook. You can alert them that they’ve been selected, or not. They’ll be added as a legacy contact whether you send them a message or not.

A legacy contact will be able to accept new friend requests, change your profile and cover photo, and write a pinned message once it’s been memorialized. To memorialize an account, someone will need to contact Facebook directly by heading to this page.

While anyone can report an account for memorialization, only the person designated as a legacy contact before the person’s death will be given any access. Facebook will not appoint any legacy contacts after the fact.

You can also opt to have your account deactivated after you die; under Manage Account, scroll down to “Request account deletion.”

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